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Started by mguenth83, August 16, 2023, 06:01:29 AM

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Currently the Thinkcell is in Catalog out of Date, he always wants the Version "" but think-cell has only the Version "" in the Download Portal.

See Log:
Updating Intune update: Think-cellOperationsGmbH_Think-cell_12.0.35.124_Update [] with think-cell (MSI) [8ddb13dd-0d3e-4db5-893f-5825e99626e5]   TenantSynchronizer [Intune]   16.08.2023 13:10:58   14 (0x000E)
Adding downloadJob 3d038772-11aa-47b9-9d3d-f2439a3772a5 [setup_think-cell_35150.msi] to the download queue.   FileRetriever [Intune]   16.08.2023 13:10:58   14 (0x000E)
Processing downloadJob 3d038772-11aa-47b9-9d3d-f2439a3772a5   FileRetriever   16.08.2023 13:10:58   3 (0x0003)
The file is not present in the cache: setup_think-cell_35150.msi   FileRetriever   16.08.2023 13:10:58   3 (0x0003)
Downloading the file to the cache.   FileRetriever   16.08.2023 13:10:58   3 (0x0003)
Searching setup_think-cell_35150.msi in F:\Patch My PC\Manually_Dowloads or one of its subfolders...   LocalContentManager   16.08.2023 13:10:58   3 (0x0003)
Cannot find setup_think-cell_35150.msi in the local content repository.   LocalContentManager   16.08.2023 13:10:59   3 (0x0003)
think-cell (MSI) requires a manual download of setup_think-cell_35150.msi. Please see https://patchmypc.com/licensed-download for the resolution.   FileRetriever   16.08.2023 13:10:59   3 (0x0003)
Removing download job 3d038772-11aa-47b9-9d3d-f2439a3772a5 [setup_think-cell_35150.msi] from the processing queue.   QueueManager   16.08.2023 13:10:59   3 (0x0003)
Found 1 superseded IntuneUpdates for think-cell (MSI)   TenantSynchronizer [Intune]   16.08.2023 13:10:59   14 (0x000E)

In my Folder ist the MSI:

Please correct this.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hello there,

We release "Think-cell (MSI)" on 07/13/2023

But we also released the following:
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/21/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/25/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 07/31/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/01/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/15/2023
Think-cell (MSI) on 08/16/2023

So, if you re-sync now you will get the latest update :)

Omar (Patch My PC)

And we just added Think-cell (MSI) today.