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Feature Request: MS Edge Browser Be Included in Patch My PC.

Started by K PANDU RANGA REDDY, June 30, 2022, 08:36:19 AM

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Is there a reason that the Microsoft Edge Browser is not included in the Patch My PC Utility as a feature and left out in comparison with other Browsers? The Microsoft Edge Browser is not automatically updated by Windows Updates. Patch My PC Utility ought to include Microsoft Edge Browser as a feature like other Browsers since Windows 10/11 includes Microsoft Edge Browser by default and is not optional.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Microsoft Edge is bundled with Windows 10 & Windows 11 and it auto update itself.


With all due respect and apologies to Mr. Omar, Admin of this Topic, Microsoft Edge Browser admittedly comes pre-packaged with Windows 10 or Windows 11 but does not automatically update itself, despite the option to do so being available in its Settings. Windows Updates also do not automatically update Microsoft Edge Browser unlike the Drivers. As a matter of fact, all other Browsers have the Auto Update feature in their Settings like the Chrome Browser but are included in the Patch My PC Utility.

Omar (Patch My PC)

I never said Microsoft Edge updates through Windows Updates, it updates itself all the time in the background, and if it's not then it will auto update once you run it.
We have the other browsers because they are not bundled with Windows and people need to install them.
We removed OneDrive and currently are working to remove .Net Framework for the same exact reason! Plus updating Microsoft products from Patch My PC or even manually causes some issues with some users.


Edge certainly doesn't automatically update itself on my PC (Windows 11 Pro). I have to go to the three dot menu, then select Help and Feedback / About Microsoft Edge for Edge to check if an update is available, and to begin the update process if needed. And the same on my wife's PC, which is running Windows 10 Pro.


I think you are wasting your breath, they couldn't care less about what you are saying. Which is true by the way.