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Messages - Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Our product PMPC is commonly referenced as "publisher  "
Hi there,

Looking at the log, it appears the install is failing because the application is open see these lines in the set up log:

2023-06-15 14:55:56.585   Defaulting to Cancel for suppressed message box (OK/Cancel):
                          Setup has detected that KeePass Password Safe is currently running.

For this situation, you can use the Manage conflicting processes... (https://patchmypc.com/custom-options-available-for-third-party-updates-and-applications#manage-conflicting-processes) feature to auto-close the process or notify the user. For this to take affect, you could delete the Intune app after making this change and running a sync to have it re-create.

Quote from: mbrinn-SMB on June 16, 2023, 02:19:28 PMOur company is evaluating whether Patch My PC will work for us and through my testing, I've come across one issue that I'm hoping someone can help answer.

We are using Patch My PC enterprise using Intune only and recently I published an update for KeePass  v2.54.0. I have three installations that failed with the error code 0x80070001 when I check the status in Intune. The logs show the following:

Quote2023-06-15 14:55:56.550   Log opened. (Time zone: UTC-04:00)
2023-06-15 14:55:56.550   Setup version: Inno Setup version 6.2.2
2023-06-15 14:55:56.550   Original Setup EXE: C:\Windows\IMECache\0dd8f8aa-85ed-4a07-9019-3c445fad6c98_1\KeePass-2.54-Setup.exe
2023-06-15 14:55:56.551   Setup command line: /SL5="$C90468,3460160,781312,C:\Windows\IMECache\0dd8f8aa-85ed-4a07-9019-3c445fad6c98_1\KeePass-2.54-Setup.exe" /VERYSILENT /NOCLOSEAPPLICATIONS /NORESTARTAPPLICATIONS /NORESTART /SP- /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /LOG=C:\ProgramData\PatchMyPCInstallLogs\OPS-MIS-1975L-KeePass-2.54-Setup.exe.log
2023-06-15 14:55:56.551   Windows version: 10.0.22000  (NT platform: Yes)
2023-06-15 14:55:56.551   64-bit Windows: Yes
2023-06-15 14:55:56.551   Processor architecture: x64
2023-06-15 14:55:56.551   User privileges: Administrative
2023-06-15 14:55:56.557   Administrative install mode: Yes
2023-06-15 14:55:56.557   Install mode root key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
2023-06-15 14:55:56.557   64-bit install mode: No
2023-06-15 14:55:56.578   Created temporary directory: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\is-J8SEI.tmp
2023-06-15 14:55:56.585   Defaulting to Cancel for suppressed message box (OK/Cancel):
                          Setup has detected that KeePass Password Safe is currently running.
                          Please close all instances of it now, then click OK to continue, or Cancel to exit.
2023-06-15 14:55:56.585   Got EAbort exception.
2023-06-15 14:55:56.585   Deinitializing Setup.
2023-06-15 14:55:56.588   Log closed.

I'm wondering if after a failure like this, do application updates retry? After several syncs with the affected devices, it doesn't look like the updates have tried to install again.
  Sorry for the delay. We set the criteria based on a variety of things including information provided and a list of the CVEs from Chrome. AS per the Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update for Desktop (googleblog.com)

CVE - CVE-2023-2721 (mitre.org)
AND it actually has 5 other high/important CVEs!! So, based on a variety of criteria that defines how that value is set.

Hopefully that adds further clarify here.
This issue should be resolved in a recent update.
Quote from: bobsage on February 12, 2023, 03:22:44 PMI just updated to and now my app list is all scrunched together. I have a high DPI 200% setting set in Windows so this may be related. I tried all the high dpi options windows gives you (system, system enhanced, application) for the app with the same result. I'm on Win 11 22H2.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 172017.png

Hi Bob,

Apologize for the delay are you still seeing this?
Quote from: AndyRede on March 31, 2023, 09:00:34 AMI'm not sure why it doesn't change to green lettering like every other program after it's updated but Subtitle Edit stays red and at the top of the list even though it's updated.

It's petty, perhaps, since it's updating but it should turn green and not be at the top anymore.Patch My PC.jpg

Does this program show an empty version in add and remove programs?
Hi Nicky,

Thanks for reaching out. We don't plan to support the legacy build anymore for Windows XP. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Could you try to repair Microsoft .NET framework and see if that helps?
Are you still seeing this issue?
Hi All,

We did collapse things into a single category. We appreciate the feedback and will review feedback for future improvements.
Notepad ++ requires to you terminate the process before the update can successfully applied. If Notepad ++ is open the version in the registry may update however the actual files in the program files don't update.

I am sure your seeing  this. Please see our https://patchmypc.com/manage-conflicting-processes-when-updating-third-party-applications#topic2. and Notepad ++

That will address this issue
Thanks for the update sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused
Thanks for reaching out, can you try a resync. We did have a glitch yesterday
We test every software update using the software updates model in ConfigMgr and WSUS. The detection methods we use for base applications are a little different than updates.

Quote from: Ithendyr on October 13, 2022, 05:07:57 AMWe pay few throusends dollars for your services and visibly, you didn't make correctly your job.

You are 100% right with the quote above. For this change in Adobe Reader in the latest version, we failed to do our part in testing the situations for the change in the name, I'm following up with our team, and I will follow up with you on how we will ensure we catch these situations in the future.

- Justin