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Feature requests: Open install location & add Microsoft Edge

Started by Gunhed, November 09, 2023, 12:33:15 AM

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I was an avid user of KC SUMO and now on the lookout for another product. So far I am very pleased with the lean app Patch My PC Home Updater while it has a good db of detected applications and robust update possibilities. For now and after testing 5 other products my next best choice after SUMO.

My first request would be a right-click option to open the install location/path in Windows Explorer. Checking the install folder is sometimes needed to check, for example, if there is an older exe besides the latest one and when having multiple hard drives/drive letters it would help finding the right folder faster.

My other request would be to add the update check for Microsoft Edge. I find it missing besides all the other, already added browsers to check and since it is not updated via the OS, it should be checked and updated in the same way as Google Chrome.
Might also want to check/add the enterprise edition as well for corporate use?