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File Location

Started by davev, September 19, 2021, 03:47:09 PM

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When patchmypc locates an obsolete file, how do I find out the containing directory?




Changing the language option in the options of PMPC forces PMPC to download the localized setup, if there is one available.
This setting is stored in the registry, so it needs to be selected whenever you copy your settings to a new system.
For Chrome and Thunderbird, there are language packs available to change the lanugage, if you installed the wrong base setup.

Sorry, I have answered to another reply that has vanished  :-[


This reply does not adress the question posed. Perhaps it was meant for an other question.


Would you mind giving more detail, so that we could better help you?
What obsolete files?
In which circumstance is this question asked?


Re questions.

The files are two references to obsolete instances of opera.

I run pmpc and it reports.

But I can not find where the files are so I can delete them.


Do you find the referenced instances in the uninstaller section of PMPC?
Have you tried uninstalling them through PMPC?

If this does not work, we would have to wait for a PMPC staff member to describe the detection procedure for Opera.


Trying to uninstall the obsolete opera gets an error message about stopping curren up to date opera. This suggests the action will affect the current version, not what I want to do.


So it seems that there was an error during an update in the past.
You should be safe to uninstall all Opera installations starting with the latest and ending with the oldest.
After this install the latest Opera and go ahead.
Usually the user settings of an application are not removed from the system or the uninstaller asks, if you like to keep them.