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Can Patch My PC keep portable apps updated?

Started by undertaker666, June 24, 2021, 07:40:53 AM

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hello everyone,
I have a question about portable apps, I use a lot of portable versions of apps on a network drive and I was wondering if it's possible to add a path to scan and update those apps with their new portable version.
for example crystal disk info, I also use CCleaner, but they added an auto-update so it's not a big deal.
thanks and have a great day!


Are you a bot? because that response has nothing to do with what I wrote.


I have Display Driver Uninstaller and Rufus installed, but portable versions and it downloads them. It doesn't unpack or anything, just downloads the archive for the program and drops it in c:\users\yourusername\Desktop

Can't change that path and it's up to you to extract the files where you want them.


You can change the portable apps folder, see attached image.


Oh my God. Do you know how long this has driven me nuts?