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I accepted that it is a false positive and put in a surpression rule.
However, I am now getting the same notifications for installer.bin for AcroRdrDCx642300120093_en_US.exe
This time it also includes a warning for a 'Bladabindi' backdoor.
I'm fairly certain that this is also a false one, but I worry that we'll get dozens of warnings with each adobe acrobat reader update.

Edit: Virustotal shows no threats:
GetAsync failed for URI: https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/deviceManagement/detectedApps ...
Response status code does not indicate success: 429
The Intune platform has generated too many errors. Giving up and falling back to returning an empty collection.

Hey All,

I'm using the powerbi dashboard for MECM. I need to look at compliance for an office update but have found that the number of compliant vs non-compliant devices varies between the powerbi dashboard and the report I've built in MECM console.

I've compared some data and have found that some devices in powerbi don't have the CI_ID for the office update against the resource_ID n the Compliance_Info table. No wonder why the numbers are different.

Would anyone be able to assist or explain how i can troubleshoot this further to understand what/why this is happening?

The device in question is in the patching collection, other updates show against the resource_ID except for the office updates.

wow, thats a surprising standpoint  :-[
Thank you for letting us know, we will follow up too.
well... the update from vendor is here

they disabled it on purpose and if you ask them, how enterprises should update a vulnerable version on already installed devices, they literally say - and yes, this is a REAL QUOTE!
QuoteKenSharp — heute um 12:45 Uhr
You know, actually that's not my problem.  I don't give a ....
Oh man, so sorry, I should not have assumed that. The latest version doesn't support /S so here is the info for the previous version. We have reached out to the vendor for an update.

gs9561w64.exe /S /v"/qn /norestart"

Can you please tell me, what the new parameters are? We don't have base installs licensed so I have to create this on my own now :(
Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Ghostscript 10.01.0 was added to our catalogue March 22nd, and it, unfortunately, left some devices in a state where Ghostscript was no longer installed when the update was deployed.

Ghostscript includes a Patch My PC recommended pre-script to uninstall the previous version because the vendor's installer does not do this by default. This succeeded. However, the subsequent installation of the new version did not succeed, and it timed out.

The installation fails because it seems with the 10.01.0 installer doesn't like the usual /S parameter and our automation tests did not detect this.

The solution to getting the software back is to deploy the ConfigMgr App or Intune App. The original issue has now been resolved in our catalog.

Please accept our apologies that you encountered this issue. If you need any help or advice for triage, please contact [email protected] and we can give you a more targeted response.
looks like there is an issue with latest ghostscript update

=========================================================================================    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Starting ScriptRunner (V2.1.12.0) with 5 argument(s)    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Current culture info name is: de-DE    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Running as NT-AUTORIT..T\SYSTEM (Admin)    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Working directory: C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
System path is C:\WINDOWS\System32    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Argument #1 is: /MainFile=gs10010w64.exe    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainfile=gs10010w64.exe    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
MainFile is: gs10010w64.exe    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Argument #2 is: /MainArg=/S /v/qn    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainarg=/s /v/qn    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
MainArg is: /S /v/qn    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Argument #3 is: /norestart    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: norestart    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Unknown argument: norestart. 'norestart' doesn't match any known argument.    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Argument #4 is: /RecommendedPreScriptPath=PatchMyPC-Remove-GPLGhostScript.ps1    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: recommendedprescriptpath=patchmypc-remove-gplghostscript.ps1    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
RecommendedPrescriptPath is: PatchMyPC-Remove-GPLGhostScript.ps1    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Argument #5 is: /RecommendedPreScriptAbortOnFail    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: recommendedprescriptabortonfail    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
RecommendedPrescriptAbortOnFail is: True    Arguments    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Update installation mode requested.    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Looking if update installation process need to be aborted due to running process    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
No need to abort due to the running processes    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Running script PatchMyPC-Remove-GPLGhostScript.ps1    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Running PowerShell Script.    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Running C:\WINDOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file "PatchMyPC-Remove-GPLGhostScript.ps1"    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:45    1 (0x0001)
Exiting With code: 0    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 12:52:48    1 (0x0001)
Running update file: gs10010w64.exe with arguments: /S /v/qn    PerfTimerLogger    23.03.2023 12:52:48    1 (0x0001)
Aborted due to timeout.    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 13:22:49    1 (0x0001)
Running update file: gs10010w64.exe with arguments: /S /v/qn finished with Elapsed Time: 30 minutes 01 seconds 127 milliseconds    PerfTimerLogger    23.03.2023 13:22:49    1 (0x0001)
An error occurred: Der Prozess muss vor dem Bestimmen der angeforderten Informationen beendet werden.
Void EnsureState(State)    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 13:22:49    1 (0x0001)
End of Script Runner. Exit code is: -2146233079    ScriptRunner    23.03.2023 13:22:49    1 (0x0001)

guess the parameters changed

bad thing: the uninstall of the previous 9.x was already done :(
Fantastic we will resume communication via email! :)