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I've been testing Patch My PC

Started by Oweig2000, May 08, 2024, 03:44:14 AM

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I've been testing Patch My PC and so far I'm very impressed.
One of my customers that I'm currently working with, has an air gapped, offline environment.  They use wsusutil to export the wsus database from their online environment and then import it to their offline server.
They use SCCM and I was thinking we could use Patch My PC to also deal with updates for applications.
The updates themselves should be ok, but what about the application installers, since wsus only stores the updates.
Do you know about any easy solution to this, or is a export-import from one SCCM to another the way to go.

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hi Oweig2000

We're still discussing this internally, as we're unsure of the best thing to suggest here.

Please leave this with us for a little longer!

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey Oweig2000

I test this internally. You can, if you wish, export application content from the SCCM server that Patch My PC's Publisher installed and import them into your offline environment.

They should revise and distribute perfectly fine.

As for an automated method, I suspect you could use the ConfigMgr PowerShell commands to export and import - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/apps/deploy-use/import-export-applications#automation