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Chrome .138 An Update is currently being installed on your computer...

Started by Eddie78701, April 20, 2023, 09:21:09 AM

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This message is appearing when patching Chrome today and appears after you click on the UI to close the app for patching.  It is NOT caused by trying to launch the app itself in this case.  I logged a support ticket but curious if others are seeing this on this patch or other patches.  (We are patching Windows for the next few days and pause 3rd party to do so...but this update was critical.)

Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Hi Eddie78701,

Chrome doesn't need to be closed in order for it to be patched...after Chrome has updated, relaunching Chrome will activate the new version. You may have a sub optimal configuration and are using one of the features in our tooling to prevent the user from opening an app while an update is in progress. I can see your ticket has been assigned to an engineer who will reach out directly and help you :)


We were asked that all applications install updates the same way with prompts to close the app since if a period of time goes by without any prompts then users complain when the prompt.  Apps that can be patched while running still need to be restarted to actually install the patch so this also ensures the app is secure.


Support indicated that this option for blocking the launch of Chrome no longer works properly and they are considering removing it for Chrome.  I updated my setup for Chrome (and Edge since it now has the same issue) and republished so the pop-up no longer happens.