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Java x64 Intune Update Fails

Started by Magzime, December 06, 2022, 06:56:31 AM

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Hi everyone!

For a little while now, Java 8.0.3510.10 (x64) updating fails on Intune, both the app and the update. It's a manual download required, which I did for both x86 and x64, but the x64 keeps failing. I put the appropriate file in the local repository, from which it disappears, but we keep having the same error every morning when Patch My PC tries to update it. The x86 went through fine.

Any idea as to what might be happening here? Thanks!

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Hey Magzime,

May you share a screenshot of what you see in your local content repository and a copy of PatchMyPC.log? Feel free to share these privately via https://patchmypc.com/share.



I just uploaded the log and a screenshot of the repository, from where the x64 file keeps disappearing. Our sync schedule is at 4 AM, so I don't know if the file disappeared before Patch My PC tried to get it... Log says it can't find the file at the time of updating.

Thanks again!

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

In your screenshots, you have jre-8u531-windows-i586.exe in your local content repository, however the Teams webhook notification is telling you it needs the x64 installer jre-8u351-windows-x64.exe.


Hi Adam,

As I said, I keep putting the x64 file in there, but it disappears at some point... Only the i586 stays.