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General slow app installs from Company Portal

Started by barberj66, September 21, 2022, 06:17:24 AM

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Just wanted to throw this one out there, does anyone find in general app installs from the company portal slow/un-reliable. This is not a PatchMyPC issue I know that as the actual installations when they happen are generally flawless.
We just find intermittently apps can be really random in their download/install times. Even for example 2 brand new laptops enrolled side by side all required apps/policies already hit the devices and waited for them to be completely idle and not doing anything I then initiate an app install from the Company portal like treesize free which is 12MB or VLC for example. One laptop they will almost install instantly or within minutes the other I've seen it sat 30-60 mins downloading then eventually installing. Both connected to the same networks this happens on the internal corp net and externally.
I've logged a case for MS to look into it but just wondered if anyone else out there had the same experiences as this. I know there are a lot of factors which come into play when apps are downloading and installing but in general this seems to be our experience on the whole it seems inconsistent

Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Great question :)

Generally, it depends what policy is being processed and whether there is any rate limitation being applied to the tenant during policy processing (the later being difficult to measure). I would be interested to know what is happening in the IntuneManagementExtension.log file when you see this (good time vs bad time)


thanks for the reply Ben I need to capture all that info to send over to MS anyway but at least what I am seeing at the moment in the IME logs is that the app is in the downloading phase for a long time.
I'm actually wondering now though if this is because of something we have configured.

[StatusService] Downloading app (id = appIDremoved, name Wireshark 3.6.8 (x64)) via DO, bytes 0/77742880 for user userIDremoved   IntuneManagementExtension   21-Sep-22 15:53:52   122 (0x007A)

there are just lots of downloading app via DO messages but the bytes are never increasing, in our DO settings we have a longer timeout set for things like WUFB to have longer time to search for other clients on the LAN so we don't overload the internet links with update traffic, I guess as apps use DO as well this could be potentially just be looking for other clients locally to pull the app binaries from before downloading from Intune.


It is dependent on the policy being processed and whether any rate limitations are being imposed to the tenant during policy processing (the later being difficult to measure). I'd like to know what happens in the IntuneManagementExtension.log file when you see this.
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I figured this one out using the logs, it was our DO settings causing this.
I could see the DO timeout we'd set waiting to find other clients on the LAN with the binaries but when it didn't it them timed out and installed the app.
We have a fair few locations around the world with pretty bad internet links so to try reduce overloading them with WU traffic we had a higher DO timeout.
Switching the app installs to use foreground which had almost no delay soon proved this was the cause as when doing that with a test app it downloaded and installed almost immediately.
So admin error on my part was to blame for this one :)

Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Thanks for the update! I dont know if you have seen this but this is my go to guide for DO configuration in Intune


Cheers Ben, I did see that article after I figured out the problem then used that as a baseline to correct things our side.
Since then things have been working as expected  :)