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Firefox ESR 103 not available?

Started by AlkHacNar, July 27, 2022, 03:42:49 AM

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I'm sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm new with PMPC.
In the catalog update is, finally, FireFox ESR 103 in, but how do I choose it in the App? It still shows me only 1 version and its the 91.12.0, which is the new one from the same catalog update.
Or am I too fast and it's become available later?



Scott (Patch My PC)

Hi AlkHacNar

Based on the Firefox release calendar, the current production release is 103 and the current ESR release is 91.12


There is currently no planned date for ESR 103 based on that calendar


Ah, I just saw that it's the normal one with 103, but what about the ESR 102.2? That's live already, dumb download search, but still available.



Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

Copying from another thread:

The version of Firefox ESR in our catalog at this time is still up-to-date, it should contain the same security fixes that were added in version 102. The next ESR release will be 102,

The current version of Firefox ESR in our catalog is 91.13 released on 8/23/2022
Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox ESR 91.13 — Mozilla

The current 102 release of ESR is 102.2 also released on 8/23/2022
Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox ESR 102.2 — Mozilla

Patch My PC will be moving to Firefox ESR 102 upon the release of ESR 102.3 on 9/20/2022

I compared the list and 102 does indeed have 2 extra fixes over 91.13, however the only High criticality vulnerability that is fixed in 102 that is not fixed in 91.13  (CVE-2022-38477) is fixing a bug that only existed in the 102 and greater branch. The other, low impact CVE does not mention the versions affected.

Firefox keeps 2 versions of ESR alive for 3 point releases when they have a major ESR release, the older version is more stable, and this gives Mozilla time to stabilize the newer ESR release. Mozilla still provides the same vulnerability patches to both versions while they are both supported. Patch My PC has decided to stick with the more stable ESR, as we assume customers that choose the ESR release are doing so for the stability benefits.

We do not intend to add the newer ESR release at this time as it would significantly increase the number of Firefox updates in our catalog, it would also introduce complicated applicability considerations.