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Hi there, any updates on the Google Earth hash? thanks
Can anyone point me to a doc / how to customize toast notifications? We are using Intune Only app.
I know this is a bit old, but can you share how you edited the script to remove the GUID? I'm running into this issue where it won't repair (exit code 1603) or uninstall (exit code 65535) from Software Center due to the GUID/Version mismatch. I tried removing these two lines and get a different error (exit code 1638).

[string]$AppMSICodeToSearch = '{731F6BAA-A986-45A4-8936-7C3AAAAA760B}',
[Parameter(Mandatory = $false)]

Uninstall error log without any edits to script:
Starting ScriptRunner (V2.1.3.0) with 1 argument(s)   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Current culture info name is: en-US   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Running as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (Admin)   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Working directory: C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\8g   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
System path is C:\WINDOWS\System32   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Argument #1 is: /UninstallPackage   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: uninstallpackage   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Uninstallation mode requested   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
App uninstallation mode requested.   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Argument #1 is: /MainFile=Teams_windows_x64.msi   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainfile=teams_windows_x64.msi   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
MainFile is: Teams_windows_x64.msi   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Argument #2 is: "/MainArg=Reboot=ReallySuppress ALLUSERS=1"   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainarg=reboot=reallysuppress allusers=1   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
MainArg is: Reboot=ReallySuppress ALLUSERS=1   Arguments   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Ready to uninstall: [Microsoft Corporation] - [Microsoft Teams (x64)]   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Checking if MsiExec is available to perform an installation/uninstallation task   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
MsiExec is available.   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Looking if application uninstallation process need to be aborted due to running process   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
No need to abort due to the running processes   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Running application uninstall   PerfTimerLogger   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Warning: Unable to find the uninstall string for: Teams Machine%Wide Installer with version   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
Running application uninstall finished with Elapsed Time: 00 minutes 00 seconds 014 milliseconds   PerfTimerLogger   4/26/2022 9:23:05 AM   1 (0x0001)
End of Script Runner. Exit code is: 65535   ScriptRunner   4/26/2022 9:23:07 AM   1 (0x0001)

If you are experiencing issues with detection on your clients, Please collect the relevant client side logs detailed in this article( and send them to [email protected]
Thank you, Scott. I think I've got my head around it!

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with Intune.

We have a KB article here that talks about the differences between Intune Apps and Intune Updates in our Publisher -

Hopefully, this clears things up. If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to [email protected]
We've been happily using PMPC with SCCM for a few years but are now starting to move in to the wonderful world of Intune.
Application installs and updates work well in SCCM but are confusing me in Intune! They both seem to be doing the same thing. I assigned a set of updates to a test group and where the application was installed it got updated, but where the application was not installed, it got installed... This isn't the behaviour I was expecting!
For standard applications that everyone has this will be fine, but how do we update the random little applications that only a few people have? This works so well in SCCM.
Our docs for setup can be found here:

There isn't specifically one that covers going from the Basic tier to the publisher variant but it should be as simple as removing the Catalog and instead using the Publisher listed on the docs page. We'd be happy to help with a setup call as well.
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