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I don't understand what's the problem? All apps are showing up fine in the video!
ahh damn, got it, thank you for super-fast reply
We need to use a shorter value as the maximum value a number can be in any given segment of a version is 65535. This limitation is because of the Windows Update service/agent.

The docs for Windows Installer (MSIs) covers this but I don't think one exists that talks about this specifically for this WUA: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/msi/version

what do you guys say about adjusting the title of 'Vmware Tools' package in the publisher so it could be shown on the compliance reports more precisely?

Right now the shorter build number is being shown (see att. pic), we would prefer to see on the reports full build number as it is presented on vmware site. (https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tools/12.1/rn/VMware-Tools-1210-Release-Notes.html)

What do you think?

The goal of this post was to expose the surviv io existence of such a problem and to provide a quick fix for anyone who runs into it with the PatchMyPC Install Script.
Applications that PatchMyPC installs may hang during installation for a variety of reasons, but this shouldn't result in a permanent
In general, it depends on the policy being processed and whether slime rancher 2 the tenant is subject to any rate limitations while the policy is being reviewed (the later being difficult to measure). When you see this, I'm curious to know what's going 
Applications do not appear: I have uploaded a simple video to explain the problem 
It looks like version was an out-of-band patch that resolved some found vulns (CVE-IDs: CVE-2022-3602; CVE-2022-3786) which is also using the same major version product code. Because both versions are using the same product code (10.2.1) it breaks our detection.

For reference, I have included the link to our release catalog showing the previous version with CVE's:

Here is the link showing the most current release (

To remediate this, we will either be adding the latest version 10.3.0 (If it's Stable - Pending confirmation) or included a Pre-Req script that will properly identify the version.

Hopefully that helps answer your question! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything regarding the previous update .20007 just links back to the overall 10.2.1 release notes.

I believe that the 10.3.0 version is still considered early access version which will probably not be added to PMPC nor our organization will opt in to. I just wanted to bring it to you guys' attention that the DisplayVersion in the Registry is still after installing the version that published by PMPC. Can you please clarify that the difference between version that published by PMPC on Nov 09 and the version I couldn't find any info about this on Tenable.

Thanks in advance.
Hello and thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have checked and confirmed that Tenable released a newer version today (10.3.0) that should resolve this issue!


At this time, I would decline the current Nessus updates as to not cause further failures on pending clients. Once the new version has been added, run a Publisher sync and you should see the latest version being pulled in.

To keep tabs on catalog updates, you can visit our change log here: https://patchmypc.com/category/catalog-updates