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That is interesting. There should only be 1 instance of the updates unless the updates were republished somehow, as the updates will have the same updateID. Have any of the duplicated records been republished in Patch My PC or SCUP?

We do have a way to clear out the apps created by Patch My PC, it is definitely easier to start fresh sometimes!

If you open the Patch My PC Publisher, Navigate to the "ConfigMgr Apps" tab, hit "Options", you'll see a button for "Run ConfigMgr Application Manager", in that tool you can mass delete deployments as well as the apps themselves. If you do have deployments on the apps, I do recommend deleting the assignments first, then deleting the apps (sometimes software center gets confused when the app is deleted and the deployment isn't deleted first).

Is it possible to clear out all applications that have been created by PatchMyPC?
I seem to have quite a few duplicated Applications which might be due to my lack of knowledge in doing the setup in parts.

Any advice welcome for this newbie...  ;D

As we have multiple (4) groups in our environment some are using PatchMyPC some are using SCUP (cost saving) ... this has created duplicated records and as is duplicated space of storage for the storage as well...
What is your advice about this as this is creating double/duplicated records in Software Updates list for the same patch(es):

Should I keep both set of records? Is it possible to get only one record?

As it stands today this is currently not supported. We use an XML file to store the settings. Having multiple users accessing the file at the same time could result in conflicts.

I would suggest using our ideas page and voicing a need for change here. I'd recommend the following.

I noticed that only one user could open PatchMyPC at a time, this is really binding.
We have 3 server groups and 3 desktops groups at least which need to use PatchMyPC as not always using the same softwares...
Any idea how this could be done?

So it would be good to disable Paint.NET for x86 to avoid the false download and failing installation.
We only offer x64 of Paint.Net and several other apps, and soon "Patch My PC" itself will be only x64
Find the offline installers for each separate platform at
Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Re: Copy Handler Error
« Last post by Admin - Omar on December 31, 2021, 03:54:00 AM »
It's fixed now and updated to 1.46 :)
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