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I have the exact same issue. Windows 11 user, AV is F-secure. Performed the exact same steps with the same results.
So the scheduled task is hanging, this is a new fact.
Could you check if your anti virus software is blocking PMPC?
ok, thx. But it's a little worrying, cause I'm online with work VPN :D
Hey AlkHacNar

From what I can see, it's the IP address you are connecting from that is being banned, likely because someone else, at some point has had that IP address and been banned.

I have removed the 2 IP addresses I can see you connecting from, from our ban list.
Sorry if it's a little misplaced here, but I didn't find a better section. I have a problem on Edge, chrome and ff, that after some time it shows me that I or Guest is banned from using this forum and it's not set to expire. The only solution is to delete all coockies and restart the browser. on Edge I even deaktivated my uBlock, to test it out, with no avail. What is wrong with my Browsers?

Hey Aleksander

You can see our full list of supported products here - https://patchmypc.com/supported-products
However I am unsure of any applications specifically for DWG/DWF viewers, other than Autodesk Design Review
There is an "expand/collapse all" button when you click the 3 lines in front of any of the category :)

I'm looking for DWG/DWF-files viewer on PatchMyPc, any suggestions/?
Good evening

The Package-Categories are great if one knows where to find a package :-):

But it's very annoying to have to click almost 20 times to open all categories to get an overview.

Could you please offer a button to expand/collapse all Package-Categories by 1 click?

Thanks a lot, kind regards,
Good evening

If one starts Patch My PC 20 times,
then one wants to just check for updates at least 19 times  :)

Therefore, the default package list view with 95% of all listed packages is usually not interesting at all, it is annoying and tedious.

Could you please:
1. Offer a Button to switch the List between "List all available Packages" and "List only installed packages"?
2. Please provide a setting for Patch my PC, so that the package list per default just displays the installed packages

Thanks a lot, kind regards,