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The way you are attempting to do this is the right way, however, it seems you might be getting time outs from the Intune service. We should have a new prod build in the next few days that might fix this for you. I'll comment on this thread when that release is live.
Hi, that is quite the version jump! We'll check it out!
Yes, we will be sure to mention it in the notification emails, and I'll update this thread when we ship that change.
This is perfect, everything I have seen shows 2015-2022 as a drop-in replacement for 2015-2019. We are planning on  removing 2015-2019 and replacing it with 2015-2022 this month (with the next Publisher release).
Following up on this. We have had 1 other customer report a similar issue, however, because the issue is with the Java installer itself, there is not much we can do to remedy it. We have looked at different install commands and have been unable to resolve the issue ourselves. We'll continue to watch the issue, I imagine this issue will be resolved with Java 381 in July.
We looked into this a bit more, we are actually providing 1.4.5, however, this version did not update the registry properly, and we use the title in determining the version to look for in the registry, which is why the title version does not match the version that we install.

Screenshot 2023-05-18 234015.jpg
Thanks! We'll look at our automations to catch new versions of this app in the future, and have this version added either today or tomorrow.
I'd say so, feel free to send them over to support to help the developers further.

There isn't a way to do this at this time. ConfigMgr Apps and updates simply check the existence of an app, it does not track the installation method of said applications and updates. You may be able to utilize post-install scripts in Patch My PC to track when Patch My PC based applications have been installed/updated, but this would definitely be a custom configuration.
Hello, thanks for reporting this! This is totally a bug. I've logged it with the developers.

Is this with the Patch My PC Publisher? Where did you encounter the error, on the endpoint or the server? Please provide more information.
We will be removing 2015-2019 and replacing it with 2015-2022 with this month's publisher release.

We ended up not shipping this update today, we are confirming with the vendor that this release is safe for wide deployment, as there is a note on the release notes page:
PLEASE NOTE: Version 5.1.2303.1708 is not currently recommended for Endpoint Insights customers.

We plan to ship this Monday if the vendor confirms that the app is safe to install for most customers.