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Do you have a folder defined there that doesn't exist on the machines you are running on?

Thanks for reporting, Andrew will be reviewing this to see if it's an issue with our applicability rules.

SCCM catalog

Is this for our free home updater or catalog for SCCM?

Are you using an INI file for automation?

The PC having the issues

Can you delete "HKLM\Software\Patch My PC" key and see if it works?

Good idea, can you add what you think would be nice to notify at

You will need to delete the Intune app using the Intune app manager: and run a sync to re-create it.

We can't updated existing apps on the fly for Intune with the way the .intunewin file is created.

Please vote this up: It's not currently supported in our update catalog.


We have been in contact with the team over and Targus and DisplayLink for our catalog and talked about the installer, including the EXE/MSI within our catalog.

Currently, 90% + of our customers use the Publisher rather than in-console. This may be helpful:

What's the Difference Between the Publisher and SCCM In-Console for Update Publishing? -

Hello everyone,,
I'm going to be demoing PatchMyPC and was wondering what method everyone here uses and if they have found to favor 1 over the other? Any pro/cons to any of them? Hopefully someone from PatchMyPCTeam see's this.

The ones you listed above are the only ones I'm aware of that have free catalogs from the vendor.

Hello everyone,,

What third-party update catalogs are available? I can only find Adobe and hardware manufacturers like Dell and HP. Are there any others?

I am aware of commercial products like PatchMyPC, but do other software vendors have SCCM-ready update catalogs?

It seems crazy that I should have to pay for this when the linux world has software repositories with update tools like "apt-get", even for commercial software.

There are a few possible reasons that could cause this. Did you change the root content source path lately? Please use this form to open a case and include the logs we prompt for when you choose the topic:

The logs will help us see what's going on.

We did move to 78 by default since 68 is will unsupported this month. You would need to use an application to remain and update v68.

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