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If you browse to that URL is there a web filter blocking it on your server?

You can duplicate the update and then publish the duplicated update to test it a new update will fix the issue.

Ah, can you republish the update(s) having issues and see if the new updates work okay?

Can you try this?

Hi, I use SCCM to push out Microsoft and 3rd Party Patches, using the same process for both.  We've recently started using BITS as most people are currently working on the VPN.  Microsoft patches work fine, but the 3rd Party Patches eventually time out with errors.  These are an 0X87D00314 CI Version Info timed out and 0X800705B4 This operation returned because the timeout period expired.  Has anybody seen this, any ideas what I need to check?

Is this for software updates or applications?

Interesting, it's odd it's not a very visible option in the download page.


Added a request to ideas - FYI, Wireshark have provided MSI installers since 2017


The MSI will not be detected by design, the EXE and MSI are different installers and should be detected independently. The MSI seems to be somewhat new, so we would need to add support for it. Can you submit a new feature request here for MSI version of Wireshark, and we will try to fasttrack it.

We are looking into this now. Sorry for the delay, this topic was originally created in the Fixed board so we didn't get our normal notifications.

If anyone else gets to this post because ADR error 0x87d20417 or 0x80070194 please see:

We will need to look at improving the checkbox displayed at the Vendor level when no child products support that action.

Let me look into that and check on the registry setting, but the screenshot is what led me to believe that the Disable Self Updater was supported.

From what I see, we don't actually support disable updates for Zoom Outlook Plugin:

We can take a look at this though. Do you happen to know the RegValue or setting to disable self-updates for this product?


We're having an issue with the Zoom Outlook plug-in asking to update after closing Outlook, even though I've selected the "Disable Self-Updater" for all Zoom products. This started happening after this last patching cycle.

Please advise.


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