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Messages - Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey :)

It looks like they have updated all of their versions in response to Log4J.

We will look to get these new versions in the catalogue asap!

Could you please send the following files to [email protected] for the attention of Scott ?

  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC.log
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC*.lo_
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\Settings.xml
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC-DownloadHistory.csv
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC-PublishingHistory.csv


We add new versions of Cisco products to the catalogue when they become publicly available for download.

From what I can see the current public version is 14.0.2, When 14.0.3 becomes publicly available we will add it to the catalogue

adding the MSI for the newer version to the local repository will not make our publisher publish the newer version as it does not exist in the catalogue.

I just published Dymo fresh into my lab and deployed it fine, So I'd be very keen to see some log files.

If you could collect them and email them to me at [email protected] that'd be great!

These logs can be found on your client devices,

  • %ProgramData%\PatchMyPCIntuneLogs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log
  • %ProgramData%\PatchMyPCIntuneLogs\PatchMyPC-SoftwareDetectionScript.log
  • %ProgramData%\PatchMyPCIntuneLogs\PatchMyPC-SoftwareUpdateDetectionScript.log
  • %ProgramData%\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs\AgentExecutor.log
  • %ProgramData%\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs\IntuneManagementExtension.log
  • %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\PatchMyPC-UserNotification.log

Also if you can grab these files from where ever you are running the Patch My PC Publisher

  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC.log
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC*.lo_
  • %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\Settings.xml

Hey @sw-deploy

I recreated this in my lab and it looks to be expected behaviour from GIMP.

It is common for applications to request a reboot post install if the files are in use, Which would also explain why the previous version of the .exe is left in the install directory.

You can avoid the pending reboots using our Manage Conflicting Processes feature, https://patchmypc.com/manage-conflicting-processes-when-updating-third-party-applications, This will let you prompt your users to close GIMP when the update is ready to install.
Hey @sw-deploy!

Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

I'm just going to test this out in my lab, confirm the issue and see what we can do to help you resolve this :)

In the mean time, Can you confirm which version of the Publisher you are using? You can find this in the "About" tab
Lastly, Do you have verbose logging enabled for GIMP? If so, would you mind emailing (s[email protected]) me the following logs from a client device:

Thanks for reaching out with this

Give us some time to investigate this internally and we'll get back to you :)

No problem at all!

Thanks for keeping me updated, Any other issues don't hesitate to contact :)

I've double checked our catalogue and the latest version of Java we have published is 8u3010.9, Please see attached screenshot showing the 64bit update

This was added to the catalogue on July 20, 2021 - https://patchmypc.com/patch-my-pc-catalog-update-07-20-21

Could you elaborate on the issue you are seeing? Are you seeing any errors when you sync our catalogue?