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Thanks Andrew.  I finally got it working, though not sure what changed.  Anyway, for others who come across this:

In Intune Apps, choose the MUI version.  Choose Modify command line, and enter LANG_LIST=<language code>  For example, to install US English and Spanish, it would be LANG_LIST=en_US,es_ES.  Supposedly LANG_LIST=ALL will install all languages, if you have a need for that.

These are the supported languages, according to the MSI file table as of the date I posted this:
Has anyone figured out how to install additional languages for the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous MUI (x64) app in PatchMyPC?  I've tried a command-line parameter of LANG_LIST=es_ES and LANG_LIST=en_US,es_ES and neither installs anything but the default English.

Strangely enough, if set Application Language to "Choose at application startup" in Acrobat Reader itself, there's
no dialog allowing you to choose another language when you restart it.
Does PatchMyPC have any way to set Intune dependencies in the Publisher app?  I didn't see any option in the right-click menu.  If not, if I set them in Intune directly will they carry over for each app update?
Notepad++ and Acrobat Reader auto update themselves by default, and I see the option to disable the auto update feature is greyed out for those products in the PMPC console.  I'm assuming there's some issue that prevents PMPC from being able to do disable it.  Does anyone have a script or something they use to disable the auto-update features in those apps?
Just getting started on this myself.  If you go to updates in the PMPC console, right click on the Adobe Reader product you're having issues with and choose "Show package info", is there anything on the command-line to block the installer from rebooting?  I'm working with Intune, so it may be slightly different for SCCM.
When did new Intune related features start requiring an Enterprise Plus license?  I had gotten approval to purchase the Intune version since we don't use Config Manager, and now I have to go back and get approval for a higher amount.   >:(