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After Visual Studio Code installs, it opens. It shouldn't be like that if it's possible to avoid it with install switches IMO.

Proposed fix:

  • Add /MERGETASKS=!runcode to install parameters.

Source of inspiration:

Log of install from today, showing that current install command does not have this in it:

Code: [Select]
17.10.2021 19:28:24 - Download URL:
17.10.2021 19:28:24 - Download Path: C:\PatchMyPCUpdates\Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64).exe
17.10.2021 19:28:24 - Download size: 75.92 MB
17.10.2021 19:28:24 - Download Starting for:
17.10.2021 19:28:24 - Downloading Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64) (75.92 MB)
17.10.2021 19:28:28 - Total download time in seconds: 4.64
17.10.2021 19:28:28 - Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64) Downloaded Successfully
17.10.2021 19:28:28 - Silently install Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64)
17.10.2021 19:28:47 - Install Successful for Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64)
17.10.2021 19:28:47 - Deleted file: C:\PatchMyPCUpdates\Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64).exe
17.10.2021 19:28:47 -  Visual Studio Code 1.61.1 (x64) not found

Some software downloads super slow, like Foxit reader. It would be of great help if PatchMyPC could use multiple URLs/ sources/ mirrors for downloading software.

  • That said, I don't know if PatchMyPC already does this backend.

For instance, Foxit got two CDNs (according to, verified by me before writing this post):


URLs (that I know of) for latest installer:

I don't know if PatchMyPC built in download logic/ mechanism would handle this, but "Free Download Manager" could do it so. It's possible. :)

Some software downloads super slow, like Foxit reader. It would be of great help if PatchMyPC could show following information in the GUI:

  • Total download size
  • Progress
  • Current download speed

Then I'd at least know that something is happening, 15 minutes out of waiting for Foxit Reader to be downloaded on my 1000/1000mbps fiber connection. :)

After v4.2.0.0 Patch My PC fails to download and thus install Foxit Reader. It's says downloading without anything happening in many minutes. I've tried three days in a row to see if it was a problem at those hosting the installer, but it doesn't seem like they are to blame.

You should probably add some logic for cancel if you haven't received any bytes in X minutes, maybe retry maximum 3 times, give the end user some output, and continue to the next program that are to be installed/ updated.

I have 1/1gb fiber, ~150/300mbps over Wifi to the Windows client in question. So I'm pretty confident my network aren't to blame here.

Patch my PC does not reset to the default and ONLY monitor on my laptop when 2nd screen is disconnected.
It won't move to my main screen using WIN + Arrows when PMPC is in focus either. Probably have to delete some appdata to get it to reset.

Can you create a check for this, and reset window position if it's on a disconnected monitor?

Request New Features or Software (Free Home Updater) / PowerShell Core
« on: April 23, 2018, 03:09:26 AM »
PowerShell Core (aka "PowerShell v6") is open source, installers are available at GitHub:

I just tried to install v6.0.2 over v6.0.1, and it migrates existing modules etc over to the new install folder ("C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6.0.2") and removes the old version ("C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6.0.1"), so should be pretty awesome and easy to implement with PatchMyPC.

Keeping PowerShell modules up to date is a mess. Would be splended if this could be handled by PatchMyPC aswell.

You could use PowerShell Gallery as a source for modules:

Other important PowerShell Modules:
* Skype for Business Online Management Shell:
* SharePoint Online Management Shell:

Would be neat if we could specify custom paths for portable programs.
For instance, I'd put Tor-browser in a different dir than CCleaner.
Or maybe I have an portable app already, and would like PatchMyPC to write updates to the same location.

Please add ffmpeg to your portable apps.
Would be awesome with auto updating ffmpeg binaries, which can be linked to by all other programs using it.
I suggest using latest static release build from here:
Latest x86:
Latest x64:

As the title says. Screenshot attached.

I don't want to clutter my root directory (C:/), could you add the ability to change Cache folder location?

In PatchMyPC Updater v3.2.5.1, the applist won't scale to the window size (height).

I used latest patchmypc as of 29. September, to install firefox x64 v56 over v55.

I had v55 in norwegian, but v56 got i stalled in english. Are there some bug with detecting language?

Windows 10 home, norwegian (which also should make patchmypc install apps in norwegian if available, am I right?)

If you start Patch My PC Updater Free v3.0.5.0 and check an app that you would not want it to update (Google Chrome for me), the settings is not saved the next time you start the program. Isn't this the whole point with this setting?

I'd like it to remember not to update google chrome when i pass the /auto switch. Is it not actually supposed to remember this setting?
I even tried running the program as administrator, just to check if it was an permission issue. Did not change a thing.

- Olav

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Use newer .NET framework?
« on: March 02, 2017, 11:43:30 AM »

It would make sense to use a more recent version of the .NET framework for this awesome application. It's a (little) pain in the ass that you on a clean Windows 10 install have to download .NET 3.5 (With 3.0. and 2.0 included..) just to run PatchMyPC.

What do you think boss?

- Olav

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