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SCCM shows the endpoint as having WebEx (x64) installed on a system in the Hardware Inventory but it does not appear as "Required".  So SCCM is not offering or patching the system.  I am just not sure how to start troubleshooting why SCCM would not see the update as being needed.  Is there a KB or posting here that I might be overlooking?  I am working from the assumption that PMP has some type of file that is used for the detection of apps...
This message is appearing when patching Chrome today and appears after you click on the UI to close the app for patching.  It is NOT caused by trying to launch the app itself in this case.  I logged a support ticket but curious if others are seeing this on this patch or other patches.  (We are patching Windows for the next few days and pause 3rd party to do so...but this update was critical.)
I just noticed new patches for Adobe Acrobat/Reader with a "(Rev 1)" appended to the title.  I do not see any mention on Adobe's site that they republished or released an update.  Is this something PatchMyPC did?
Despite setting up a company name I am only able to get the stock dialog to show when Patch MY PC believes there is a conflicting process.  I have ran a sync with Patch My PC, ran a sync with SCCM and still the default logo appears.  I have deleted deployments and recreated in SCCM without any change.

How in the blazes do you get the logo and text to update so it does NOT show this default text?
I pushed out test patches to all Cisco apps and we have these two plus Jabber deployed.  These two apps were just closed without warning to be patched while Jabber generated the expected pop-up about the need to close the app.  Does Patch My PC not test patches with the apps opened to verify this does not happen and cause a loss of data in a production environment?
On the Updates tab of the Publisher v2.1.6.0 I right-clicked on "All Products" and selected "Manage Installation Logging".  I then checked the box to enable logging during the installation of this update and accepted the default path of C:\Windows\ccm\logs\PatchMyPCInstallLogs.  I setup this when I did the initial install of the product days ago.  Now I am testing updating for the first time for Adobe Reader and while scratching my head at the reboot issue I am seeing, I thought I would look at the logs to see what was seen during patching.  But there are no logs in the folder specified...the folder itself does not exist.  Since I have seen the reference to saving this file to a computer share, plus just logic of the path, I am assuming this should be on the endpoint and NOT the SCCM server.  So should I not have a folder named PatchMyPCInstallLogs on the endpoint with atleast one log file that I can tie back to the patch being installed for Reader?

I also checked the verbose option, ran a sync inside the publisher, setup a new deploy and there is no change...still no logs whatsoever in the folder specified.  If I look at https://docs.patchmypc.com/get-help/log-reference-guide I do not see any reference to this folder...so this is just really puzzling.
I am new to SCCM and Patch My PC and just getting started with an eval license after we fired the prior company that provided a standalone product...  I am baffled why patching Reader would trigger a reboot.  I have never, ever had a need to reboot this after a simple patch.  If I install outside of SCCM there is no prompt to reboot from the app.  Am I overlooking some setting that needs to be set to stop this behavior?
So I am new to SCCM and PatchMyPC and happy to have found this forum!

Right now PatchMyPC Publisher downloads the new applications and sets things up to save me a lot of time!  But it looks like in order to update the applications I need to download a second copy of these after I create my Software Update Group (I have not started using ADR yet.)  Is there a way to leverage the downloads that have already taken place and have been pushed to my Distribution Points for pushing out updates?  (I have looked for a video on the update part, but so far all of the videos seem to cover the setup and showing how much time you save with the product.  Even the discussion on ADRs that I found is just an article.)