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Is it possible to clear out all applications that have been created by PatchMyPC?
I seem to have quite a few duplicated Applications which might be due to my lack of knowledge in doing the setup in parts.

Any advice welcome for this newbie...  ;D


That didn't work.
However, I have managed to fix the issue.

It would appear that when I first ran the installer I used the wrong SCCM Site Folder name (forgot to precede it with "ConfigMgr_").
I have however, manually logged into the reports site and updated the reports to point to the correct data source.

All appears to be working now.


I have just tried to install the Reports for SCCM into my local SSRS.
The reports appear to have been added successfully, but when I try to run them I get the following error:
The shared data source 'CM' for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid
Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this?
Pretty sure I have missed something.


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