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Sounds like something is wrong with your pc, this program only asks permission if you start it from a remote drive (nas or similar) or when using an external device.
To be honest i would not recommend it if you do not know what you are doing.
I use patchmypc on a nas device and yes then the nagging starts from windows to allow the install ( which is safe if patchmypc downloaded the installer).
However this program can do this very easy on many computers.
I actually let is write a log from all my computers in my house onto that same nas, but each pc has its own install of patchmypc because then the whining of windows does not happen. So basically i make it store the installer programs onto the shared directory of patchmypc so i only need to download every update only once.
And i must say works pretty well, besides some small flukes with some programs changing the way their numbering or misses with beta versions.
So yes you have to check if all matches once in a period you choose. I do it monthly and check all the numbers if they are really the latest.
I also want to warn not to try to get nightly builds working because they are allways a risk.   

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: WinRAR 5.70
« on: March 24, 2019, 04:12:21 AM »
That minor error happens often when a program comes out of beta not only in patchmypc i simply ignore it and install it myself and set the progam to skip this release.

I do agree that this program does install unwanted stuff, this part is installed to keep track what you do and probably alot more.
I uninstalled all programs adding such spyware and constant nag to buy the stuff like iobit does.
Worse is that it keeps nagging you even if you bought a year subscribed usage, however then you get constant nagged about buying any and all of their other products.
Well buying them ... yearly payements. So i like to warn all if you do mind those nags and spying: do not to use it.
However i want to point out that every large company these days make use of spyware.
No matter what you use, for example micro$oft especially with win 10 but lately also in win 7, intel with many driver related stuff, nvidia, adobe,  has added multiple spyware programs.
I can go on for hours and even can explain want most do as well.
But many things are even hidden from our views because if you use a modern motherboard ( especially from the latest z series onwards ) they have added so called security hardware which is sold as software & hardware but fact is that stuff is not doing anything really against virus/trojans its pure to see and check what you use and do.
M$ goes even further and controls now what you type or do and sends it to their servers, this palladium based platform (hardware&software) also includes protecting all the products of the large software firms and film industry.   

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