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Request for non-silient software install support

Started by xenon2000, July 04, 2019, 11:48:31 AM

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I see that there is an option for "Disable Silent install of apps". And I also see that software that doesn't support a silent install switch are simply not going to get added right now.

So I request support for apps that don't have a silent install option. Here is the high level overview of how that would work. Maybe there are more ways to do this as well.

If the current option "Disable Silent install of apps" is NOT checked. Then any app that does not support that switch, would simply not get updated when you click on Apply Updates. And they would remain red in the list of apps that are out of date. Obviously apps without silent installing switches would be labeled in the list and maybe even a new color code.

If the option is checked for "Disable Silent Install of apps", then those apps would be included in the Apply updates process. Would also be nice for a 2nd install button that says "Apply non-silent updates".

It would be better to still know about out of date apps as much as possible. So to simply block adding support for more apps because they don't support a silent switch is a huge limiting mindset. I hope this will be considered because it will greatly expand the usefulness of this great tool. Thanks.