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I have a very large number of computers, and noteapd++ actualization is going well, but today I checked what versions are on the computers and I was left with version which did not pick up the latest version at all. From what I understand, if someone has version then notepad++ will not update for him, you had to update manually.
using it to install and update software keeps your computer's software secure. It also prevents you from accidentally downloading malware while trying to update your system
Can we get a catalogue update for Zscaler?

The current version we get from your catalogue is v3.9.0.183. and the latest update from Zscaler is version 4.1 which was published over a month ago.
Hey there, sorry about this.. we just fixed it :) 
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Failed to get download information for Discord 1.0.9010 Download URL: https://dl.discordapp.net/distro/app/stable/win/x64/1.0.9010/DiscordSetup.exe

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Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Re: Unhandled Exception
Last post by Dusker - January 31, 2023, 08:42:42 AM
I'm still having this error. Why is there no response until now?
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Recently I noticed that there are new dell apps, can someone point out the documentation of these programs?