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I checked a few computers and looks like it also affects the previous 4.1.x version as well. BUT, I also found out that it is only happening on my Nvidia GPU systems and not on my AMD GPU systems. So some kind of issue between the Nvidia drivers and this single app as no other app windows are slow to move on the screen. I will also check the Nvidia forum as it is affecting the latest drivers as well as a previous driver but only happened recently. Very curious why it would only affect the PatchMyPC app.

Not sure if this is a bug. I can't find anyone else experiencing this.

I have been using this a long time and the latest auto update gave me version and it runs fine and works. But noticed that when I go to drag the window around my screen, it moves super slow. But all my other app windows are instant. I noticed an Nvidia driver update available for my GTX 1070 so I did that and rebooted.. same thing, still slow for just this app window. Windows 10 build 2004 fully up to date.

Has anyone else seen this before?

I am running Patch My PC version , definitions May 14, 2020

balenaEtcher 1.5.86  -  1.5.86
iTunes  -
Skype version 8.57  -  8.57

Show as red (out of date)

BelenaEtcher is actually newer on my system as 1.5.89

iTunes and Skype are up to date and show as the versions listed in red.

Skype has been a constant issue for me with being detected as out of date. But now 2 more apps?

I normally use Chrome for this forum. And I tried to search and it doesn't return any results. I went to post about that and I got a database error when trying to post. But it seems to work in IE 11. (Windows 10).

Anyone else getting this? When did the forum stop working 100% in Chrome?

I tried several searches on this forum and it keeps giving zero results. Is the search working for anyone else?

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / FileZilla no longer supported?
« on: March 16, 2020, 12:06:18 PM »
Maybe it's my imagination. But pretty sure FileZilla used to be updated by Patch My PC. I have had PMPC running automatically for a while now. But decided to run it manually today and it doesn't show FileZilla now. Did it get removed recently?

The poll says that is an app has changed so it is no longer an issue based on the incompatible reason, to let you know. But then there is no link or information on HOW to let you know. The forum section for the poll I can't write in.

Simplenote is listed as incompatible and not able to vote on because "No Version to detect in registry"

I did a quick search of my registry with Simplenote installed and quickly found the uninstaller lists the version:

PATH: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\150392e9-d39c-5b1e-8397-b73667931335
Name: DisplayVersion
Type: REG_SZ
Data: 1.14.0

Other data such as Publisher, name of the software, etc, are also listed for the installed app. Since the version is listed in the registry, can this be added to the voting poll now?

Thanks for the info. Works for me. Though I am pretty sure the reads that it is still free for personal non-business use with public updates until December 2020 for JDK 8. But likely easier to just drop it and not deal with Oracle. I can simply move to OpenJDK versions not managed by Oracle if I really need it.

The updater says
Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 201 (64-bit)  -  8.0.2010.9
is up to date.

But version Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 201 (64-bit)  - 8.0.2010.12 is newer and has been out since April 2019.

Which now has me questioning if there are other apps that are not being updated to the latest version also?

At first I was thinking maybe the DB for updated versions was a little behind when app updates are released, but this was released months ago.

I see that there is an option for "Disable Silent install of apps". And I also see that software that doesn't support a silent install switch are simply not going to get added right now.

So I request support for apps that don't have a silent install option. Here is the high level overview of how that would work. Maybe there are more ways to do this as well.

If the current option "Disable Silent install of apps" is NOT checked. Then any app that does not support that switch, would simply not get updated when you click on Apply Updates. And they would remain red in the list of apps that are out of date. Obviously apps without silent installing switches would be labeled in the list and maybe even a new color code.

If the option is checked for "Disable Silent Install of apps", then those apps would be included in the Apply updates process. Would also be nice for a 2nd install button that says "Apply non-silent updates".

It would be better to still know about out of date apps as much as possible. So to simply block adding support for more apps because they don't support a silent switch is a huge limiting mindset. I hope this will be considered because it will greatly expand the usefulness of this great tool. Thanks.

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