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I can see the following update in catalog: "Fixed UltraVNC (x64/x86) hashes issues in new updates."

From "Worker"-process i just got:
"The hash of file downloaded is different than the file hash in our catalog. Hash errors happen when vendors release updates that aren't available in our catalog yet. This error should be resolved in the next catalog update. Additional details:Hash from catalog [nMDQAjmMqiPJn/0T0iyhSLqQ8mw=] doesn...t match downloaded update hash of [92QOlEKPlZUyfEEvoSIqj/QMOyU=]"

So what do I have to do to fix this problem?

PatchMyPC Version is

Best regards from Germany

Hi there,

we are new in using enterprise plus plan for application creation in SCCM.

I searched the forum and could not find an actual answer on if it is possible to set an option to rollout Adobe Reader in german. The downloaded exe-file is *en-US.

Is it actual impossible to rollout other language from adobe reader package?

Best regards from Germany!

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