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Anyone looking in to this?

Since, PatchMyPC has not detected Malwarebytes.

The current version of Malwarebytes ( is installed. I also downloaded and installed it again using PatchMyPC, with no change.

Resetting all settings made no difference.

Malwarebytes shows the black font color instead of the expected green color in the Security section, and is not included in the full list of updated applications in the right-hand pane.

Title says it all.

Has happened 2 or 3 times.

Downloaded correct version from vendor site.

I have noticed that Wise Registry Cleaner is not being updated.

I manually downloaded it from their site.

Wise Disk Cleaner is being updated.

PatchMyPC detected 6.15


However, I am using the 6.1 branch, and there were issues with that.

From the article...

In the 6.1 series, the problem was compounded by an additional feature which enables specifying in the document arguments to pass to the python method (Earlier series only allow a method to be called with no argument). The bundled python happens to include a method which executes via os.system one of its arguments, providing a simple route in 6.1 to execute arbitrary commands via such a crafted document.

I was expecting 6.1.3 to show up as a result.

Read an article today that a vulnerability had been patched in 6.1.3 but PatchMyPC does not detect any updates to 6.1.1.

New version available but not detected.

Manually downloaded from Apple and installed it.

This is still an issue for the new 7.1.1 version of UltraDefrag.

PatchMyPC is downloading the 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit version for Windows 64 bit systems.

The error message when attempting to install it is that the UltraDefrag installer can not be used.

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