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Ok, sad to read only 5 languages are supported. Also a littlebit dissapointing even the US version is not updated to the latest version but only to the latest full version.

But thanks for the reply anyway.

I did some investigation and found out PatchMyPc is using this file for the downloads:

In this file there is a section for Adobe Reader:

<AcrobatReaderDCName>Adobe Acrobat Reader DC</AcrobatReaderDCName>

I suspect PatchMyPC downloads this file to update. But there are two problems updating this way:

1. This is not te latest version. For example for the latest US version after installing AcroRdrDC1800920044_en_US.exe you need to run the patch AcroRdrDCUpd1800920050.msp to get the most recent version.

2. The 1800920044 update (AcroRdrDC1800920044_en_US.exe) is not available in dutch (AcroRdrDC1800920044_nl_NL.exe). To get the latest version in dutch you need
    AcroRdrDC1500720033_nl_NL.msi (or exe) and patch it with AcroRdrDCUpd1800920050.msp. To do this i use the fowowing lines:

START /WAIT msiexec.exe /update AcroRdrDCUpd1800920050.msp /qn

I download all the updates from:

A better way of updating is to download the right language version from:

This version contains all language versions. Aftherwards patch this version with the latest version available. Now (17 december 2017) the latest version is:

Maybe this indormation can help to improve PatchMyPc !

Correct, here the log:

Patch My PC | Definitions: 16-Dec-2017 | 16-12-2017 15:43:34
Operating System  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  x64

Download URL:
Failed to get download information for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download URL:

Patch My PC Update Complete 16-12-2017 15:43:34

i did, same problem...

Updating the dutch version of Adobe Acrobat reader DC does not work.

Patch My PC | Definitions: 14-Dec-2017 | 14-12-2017 18:29:40
Operating System:  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  x64

Failed to download installer for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download URL:

Patch My PC Update Complete 14-12-2017 18:29:40

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