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In the catalog, the Adobe Reader MUI package (and I'm guessing non-MUI) is using the command line parameter:

This is incorrect.  The correct parameter to disable the ARM service is:

Perhaps it changed one day, but I've personally tested both and only the bottom one works with current installers.  Just FYI.
Is there a way for the downloader to just "follow the language"?

e.g. if it's a zh-CN (Chinese Simplified) Windows, that Adobe DC downloads the same version?    Ultimately I don't necessarily need the MUI, I just need Adobe DC to be in the native language.
If you have Adobe Reader DC MUI, the Home updater nukes that and replaces it with Adobe Reader DC standalone.  The MUI updates are MSP's and not EXE's.  The corporate one handles this fine (although I want to say it didn't support MUI at first....)