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Please Add Amazon Corretto 8 JRE (Not JDK) to the Catalog

Started by ben_12345, November 14, 2022, 11:37:17 AM

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Corretto 8 can be downloaded and installed as either the JDK or JRE. 

The PMP catalog only has the JDK installer in it and that all works fine.  However, that won't patch machines with the JRE installed as the display name (of course installer) is different. 

So it would be great if we could get the x86 and x64 bit versions added to the catalog so we can patch machines with that installed.


Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Ben,

Thanks for reaching out here! I have created the following idea on our uservoice page requesting the JRE version be added to the catalog. If/when it's been added you will receive a notification so you can enable it in the Publisher!

Here is the link to the idea: https://ideas.patchmypc.com/ideas/PATCHMYPC-I-2547

Let us know if you have further questions!