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Started by acen01947, March 11, 2022, 02:52:56 PM

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Hi Guys

Today, 03-11-2022, in the early afternoon here in the USA (central time zone), I stared at a message from iTunes about a NEW update to be installed (12.12.3)

I canceled out of the iTunes update and went to your product. Guess what? Your product did NOT recognize iTunes update (showed

Went back to iTunes and installed the product. Went back to Patch My PC and guess what? Your product recognized the NEW update! Interesting! However, left hand column still has old data.

Thought I would pass this along to you (maybe you were NOT aware that something is amiss).

Anyhow, love your product; keep up the good work.



New updates that are released over the weekend are added to the PMPC catalog on Monday, since the PMPC developers need a free weekend too ;-)


Itunes still cannot be updated to 12.12.3 even after a month.