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Unable to connect to patchmypc.com

Started by john22, February 09, 2022, 05:56:09 AM

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PatchmyPC gives a "Connection  Error"
I have internet connection and can browse
to Https://patchmypc.com (downloaded the latest version there).
Since a few days there is a time-out for the connection, which never happened before.
Firewall open makes no difference.
I have Windows 7 - 32 bit with latest updates from Microsoft.
On my Windows 10 - 64 bit computer the program still works.



One thought is to check you have TLS 1.2 activated.


no idea what that is :D

i re-downloaded the exe file and ran that and that ran fine...


I am getting the same error.  I have tried deleting the old file and downloading a new one and running that.  I am pretty sure I don't have TLS 1.2 as it appears to be a file for older systems and needs regedit changes to make it work.

The app seems to be having trouble connecting to patchmypc.com.  I have ethernet connection currently working at 54 download and 16 upload Mbps.

PatchMyPC is working fine on my other 2 Windows 10 PCs which are in the same workgroup, one is a laptop and the other is a desktop.  Please find attached the logfile and a screen capture of the error

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hi all

For the home updater to function correctly on Windows 7 devices, you will need to ensure that TLS1.2 (minimum) is enabled on your devices to be able to connect to patchmypc.com

TLS1.2 is not enabled on Windows 7 by default.