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It now seems fixed with version on both Win XP and Win 7. PatchMyPC does not want to update Thunderbird 31.

Only one version is installed.

It is now June and the problem still exists. Is there anything that can be done on this end?

When this program is updated it installs MyPCBackup as well. Is there anything that can be done to stop this sort of thing?  I am seeing more programs all the time that want to install junk like this. I appreciate authors need funding but I find this disturbing.
Any progress on this issue? I am still getting the same result.

Thunderbird is up to date version 24.3.0. PatchMyPC wants to update to same version. If I let it update I get the same result on rechecking, PatchMyPC says it needs updating. Attached is screen shot of PatchMyPC.
Even though I have set the language of PatchMyPC as French, Adobe Reader is installed in English.

Link for French version ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/11.x/11.0.03/fr_FR/AdbeRdr11003_fr_FR.exe

Thanks Justin that fixed the problem.

This is a new install of Win XP Pro on a Seanix portable. I have installed Netframework 3.5 a couple of times but I get the same problem. Each program like Avast is written hundreds of times. The first instance is green and the rest are black.

I have never seen Security Updates for Windows listed before. If I recheck Software I get an Unhandled exception.

Any help would be most appreciated.
Just saw on majorgeeks.com their program MajorGeeks Software Updater,

Yours is still better but I was surprised to see it.
I have been getting a number of these errors lately. Adobe and Chrome seem to be the majority of cases. Re-running seems to remove some but not all.

I am finding on older machines that PatchMyPC does not appear to be working so people click a second and third time. Would it be possible to have a working window to come up first before the scan?
Thanks. For whatever reason it is functioning today with no changes.

Sorry about that.

I am using version on a Win XP pro computer. When I try to run PatchMyPC I get the error message  "Unable to load definition file from www.patchmypc.net. Internet connection is required to run Patch My PC please verify you have internet connection and try again."

This is despite browsing on your site. I have rebooted and can browse the net as well as ping your site and google.ca.
The program used to work on the computer. I have installed Tuneup Utilities 2012 and this months updates from Microsoft since I last ran the program.

The computer is using Vista. When I clicked on Perform Updates I get the error message as shown in error1.jpg. I copied the rest of the message and put it in error.txt. If I click on Continue I get error2.jpg.