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General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Log File
January 07, 2023, 10:54:31 AM
The latest version supposedly fixed the log file being created when it has been disabled. For me the log is disabled but the log file is created stating the PatcMyPC.ini file does not exist in the same folder. Only by exporting the PatchMyPcini file do I not get the log file being created.
The thought occurs to that the latest version has numerous problems. Can the previous version be renumbered and replace the current version until the problems are fixed?
I also get log files being created despite selecting not to have them. Inside the log file I get "C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\Cleaners\PatchMyPC.ini does not exist"
As an experiment I used the new version on a friend's machine. I found it very difficult to use. I can not image why it was changed. I can not see a new user staying with it.
I heard from Justin and was told "Omar let our engineering know, and we should be able to get this resolved in a future update".

I also agree the categories were most useful. My question would be why not allow one to choose categories or all in one list.
One thought is to check you have TLS 1.2 activated.
I had the same problem with PicPick, see screenshot.  I have no idea if it will stay fixed. After PatchMyPC installed version 5.2.1 I searched the registry for 5.2.0 and changed it to 5.2.1. Now it is not being reinstalled each time PatchMyPC is run.
Justin told some time ago when I had the same question that  "I think that may be because we switched our website to require TLS 1.2. I don't think the legacy XP build supported this option."

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Avast
September 04, 2017, 09:37:57 AM
Just a note to say if you have a custom install of Avast when PatcMyPC updates Avast you will have to go into the Control Panel/ Programs and Functions and select Avast, then Modify to remove the features you did not want.
I am starting to see programs like Adobe Reader DC and soon Google Chrome not supporting Win Xp and Vista. As the operating system is displayed by Patch is it possible to not download and try to install such programs? Perhaps setting them not to update?

Fixed both the Acer and my Netbook.

One temporary solution is to get a copy of version and then disconnect from the Internet. Open Patch My PC and click the options tab. Put a check in Disable Patch My PC Self-Updater. Then reconnect to the Internet and do your updates.

On Netbooks with screen resolution 1024 x 600 one can not reach the Perform Updates Button.
The latest version has a major problem on netbooks, resolution 1024 x 600. One can not reach the Perform Updates Button.

I tried it on Win XP and Windows 7.