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How To Delete An Application In SCCM
Launch the ConfigMgr Console.
Navigate to Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications.
Select the application that you wish to delete, right-click the application and select Delete.

Hope this helps,
J Wick
You  may have a current support contract for your device, Fortinet support is fairly responsive and can probably be fixed fairly quickly. As you point out, there may be a misconfiguration somewhere in your device's VPN setup.  We are also good at step-by-step instructions on the setup process if you get stuck or provide advice on system best practices. I have sent multiple copies of the customer composition in the past and asked  to review them to see if there are any changes.

J Wick
It turns out that this issue is due to the Websense Proxy. Those  familiar with this product will know that this product can open and parse outgoing http and https packets and  give the false impression that the packets are jammed. Microsoft services  always reject such packages.
Adding *.azure.com to the proxy whitelist solved the problem and the installations could continue.

Hi, I tried running this,
C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Citrix Receiver 4.11\TrolleyExpress.exe /uninstall /silent /cleanup

J Wick
You need to open a support case at this point. Selecting a file using the Open button  does not (or  should not) change the file. This is the  point of the "open" function. I've used it in multiple production environments without any issues and  recently tested it in the lab.

J Wick