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New user here and I would like to report a few bugs I've found:

1. Xnview MP. I have XnView MP installed and PMPC is confusing it with Xnview. Xnview and Xnview MP are two different programs. I have Xnview MP v1.6.1 and PMPC wants me tu "update" to XNview 2.51.5. oranges and apples...Plus Xnview is LESS ADVANCED than XnView MP.

2. Wise registry cleaner.I have WRC and PmPC wants to me "update" to v.11.1.1, basically the same version I already have.

3. Winamp Language Packs v1.7. PmPC lists them In red (though it is the latest version available) and it doesn't offer a new version to install...s/thing wrong there.

I hope you guys can fix this issues.