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IrfanView -- no Start Menu shortcut, program broken without admin rights

Started by zghegwoo, August 21, 2020, 09:52:18 AM

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Hi, love the product so far.
However, IrfanView's package is completely broken for our environment. 
For starters, after an install, the program is not found within the start menu, and can only be found by navigating to the Program Files install directory.
Users in our organization do not have admin rights, hence our need to use Software Center and SCCM for program installs in the first place.
The IrfanView application prompts an error during normal use of the application, because the app's folder location (Program Files) isn't editable by non-admin users. 
IrfanView's proposed solution is to either change the installed location, or relocate the ini file.  This seems like something that PMPC's package should take into consideration, since (at least in my organization) non-admin users are the overwhelming majority use-case.