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2023 is complex, but it is the best, like life. But, to make it more memorable for homebuyers, we as "Rashmi Group" come up with our best offer, and that's "1BHK Ki Price Mein 2BHK."
10 years ago, properties here sold for 10 lacs are now sold for 1CR, and the price keeps increasing, but buying a property at Mira Road comes with its own benefits and flaws.
You're welcome! Thank you again for bringing this to our attention! 😊

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I tested the latest package and it worked fine. The desktop no longer crashed. Thank you very much.
Hi there Asgeirk,

I think you also sent us an e-mail this morning about this and my colleague Adam replied to you there, so this issue is fix correct?

Thank you :)
Thanks for the reply. We ended up using an Intune remediation that runs every 5 hours to delete Chrome shortcuts.
No, not yet. Was on back burner so have not looked back at it recently.
Hey TK,

Just wanted to inform you that the new catalog has been released with the new command line in place! Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues! 😊