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And you're correct!
I hope my attachment screen shot is visible.
Thanks very much and great detective work.
(And yes, it would appear this negates the portability, but it works for me)
Quote from: Omar (Patch My PC) on October 01, 2018, 03:16:03 AM
Quote from: [email protected] on September 30, 2018, 07:02:11 PM+1 to the question above.

I want to know if the PatchmyPC.ini file can exclude a software(for eg teamviewer ) from getting updated automatically. Ideally i dont want patch My PC to scan Teamviewer or update it. Rest of all softwares can be updated without issues. Is this possible?

I do not want to enable "Disable Auto updating of all apps" , since i want all the softwares to be updated automatically EXCEPT teamviewer. What to do?

You can right-click on any app and choose to disable scanning or disable auto update for this app.

Thank you very much for putting this software out there. I also maintain a couple seniors' pcs and constantly chasing updates is very time-consuming. I'm recently retired from a 24 year technical career in IT and one thing I've taken from that time is that outdated software is one of the biggest threats to an enterprise, or to an individual's online presence.

Anyway, I also need to stop one of my apps from being updated. I run an app called "Handbrake" on Windows 7 and past my current version (not the latest) it's not supported. And every time PmPC tries to update it and throws an error. Yet I cannot right click on it either in the main listing, nor the Options panel. Most other apps listed I can see the menu you refer to. But it seems like the Handbrake entry is frozen, can't check/uncheck it's box either. FWIW, the text looks green (I'm slightly color impaired but I think it's green.
Any advice?
First time posting here, and came here for the same (or similar) reason.

PMPC keeps trying to install iTunes v12.11.0.26 and reports it's successful.

But when I start iTunes it shows me v12.10.10 and is the current version.
PMPC will do this this every night (on my schedule).

Meanwhile, maybe the biggest clue: When I try to download Apple's latest and install it, it says it's only compatible with Windows 10

Please advise.

Windows 7 Home Premium x64, fully up to date.
No other PMPC issues.