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Intune Updates Uninstall

Started by mguenth83, June 18, 2024, 07:05:10 AM

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I have a question regarding Intune updates. And was we white the update as from PMPC to all computers so that every computer that has the product installed gets the update.
But my question is rather what happens to the update application when you uninstall the "normal" product?
We have not specified an uninstallation for the update, so in theory it should remain installed, right?

Spencer (Patch My PC)


Thanks for reaching out to support!

Intune updates don't support uninstalls command due to the requirement script associated with them.

You can use the Intune Application package to deploy an uninstall of the application which will remove the full version of the app, including updates.

More information of the differences between Apps and Updates can be found here: