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Installs stuck on "waiting to install"

Started by Ardee, June 15, 2022, 09:12:43 PM

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Hey all, recently added PMP to our MECM installation and ran into this issue. When attempting to update the x64 exe version of 7Zip to 21.07 the updates on many servers (I didn't bother to record the # prior to pushing the update nor did we keep inventory of installs so I'm unsure if it's all or just a section of them) the install just sits there in "waiting to install" in software center.

The deployment is setup to ignore maintenance windows for installation. The content is downloaded into the ccmcache folder, which I can extract from the cab and install w/o issue.

There is nothing in any of the update logs in c:\windows\ccm\logs that I have found that indicates any kind of issue with the deployment/package/install/etc.

I have verified on a sampling of the impacted servers that the certs are installed for PMP on the devices.

I have restarted an impacted server and reinstalled the client which did not resolve the issue. I have repaired the WMI as I have seen in the past with nothing else makes sense typically WMI was to blame but this also did not have an impact.

Any suggestions as to what the issue might be or what to look at to further diagnose the problem?

EDIT: Changed title, poking at it a bit more and testing other updates I am seeing the same servers that had the 7Zip update issue are having the exact same problem with the Chrome install and other updates from PMP. Server 2012 & 2016, so not specific to an OS.

Liviu (Patch My PC)

Hi Ardee,

Could you please send an Email to [email protected] and attach the following logs from an affected machine?
%WinDir%\CCM\Logs\PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log (If exist)