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Well, I see that despite all the posts, this inconvenience is being ignored altogether.

May I make a suggestion to all you people looking for something similar.  IOBIT Software Updater has similar functions, including a Recommended section with categories.

No, I don't work for them or any other software or even computer related business, I'm just a bus driver.
Well this has been going on for some time now.  I'm guessing that the free software didn't bring in enough sales for their professional product.  Its a shame, as it was really well executed and thought out, but that's the way of things
Hi, I'm new here.  Been using Patch My PC for quite some time and must admit its my go to place when I want to try out new software and to rely on for updating existing software.

I've been using PC's, more or less since they became affordable and available to the general public and am considdered to be a bit of an expert.  I offer free advice and help to friends and collegues with both software and hardware.

I'm adding to this thread my support for the previous comments, please bring back catagories, they're invaluable to newbies and not so newbies alike.  I was recommending your software to people, but feel i cannot now, due to it just being a list of annonymous and meaningless software titles.