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I changed date format from EU to US and problem is solved
Quote from: David Courtel (Patch My PC) on January 03, 2023, 01:01:23 AMHi, ea and lolomolo, can you tell us what are your regional settings in Windows?
same problem with my windows pc
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - C:\Users\user\Downloads\PatchMyPC.ini does not exist.
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Cannot get portable App path from the registry.
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Patch My PC Started
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Checking connection to patchmypc.com
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Verified connection to patchmypc.com. Status Code: 200
7.12.2022 04:55:45 - Getting latest definitions from patchmypc.com
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Definition load completed in: 0,13 seconds
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Patch My PC version is running. The latest is
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Performing scan of installed applications
7.12.2022 04:55:46 - Scan completed in: 0,23 seconds

and same problem on a windows 10 virtual pc
I download PMPC for my friend's pc. PMPC can update applications that installed before but I cannot install new applications
I have been using Patchmypc for at least two years. I ignored the minor problems. I hoped it would improve in the next version. But I came here because I could not accept the removal of the categories. Categories are very useful when installing in a new pc. Also to discover beautiful apps