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Microsoft Edge Install Failing During Task Sequence

Started by CODRyan, January 17, 2024, 02:46:48 PM

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I have placed many Patch My PC application installs into our organization's task sequence and all has been working perfectly until just recently today.  A colleague has been imaging several laptops today when suddenly they all started failing on the step to install Microsoft Edge.  There was an apparent point in time where the step passed just fine and then started failing consistently despite no changes being made.

To my surprise, I found that the install was failing with a 1603 error due to a newer version already being installed.  I had no idea that any updater services would be running during an OSD task sequence, but it would seem that Edge is updating itself before the machine gets to the step in the task sequence to install the package that was published by Patch My PC.  This newer version won't be pulled down until the scheduled synchronization later this evening, so the task sequence attempts to install an older version than what's installed and is seen as a failure which halts the task sequence.

What would be the recommended workaround for this scenario?

EDIT: This is regarding an OSD Task Sequence in ConfigMgr

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Ryan,

Since a newer version of Edge is installed on the machines, I would recommend you enable the option to continue on error during that step in the task sequence. That way if the machine errors out due to a newer version being installed, then it won't completely stop the TS!


Spencer Cruz