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Started by highstream, March 18, 2022, 12:50:07 PM

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For the past couple of days, PMPC scan has been reporting that my Vivaldi browser version needs updating, showing the last version number, 5.1.2567.57, while I have the current version installed and it shows as such in the list of browsers on the left (5.1.2567.66). Screenshot attached


The problem is a conflict between Program Files and AppData/Local installs. The current version is in the latter and the previous one in Program Files. PMPC is picking up contradictory results because it's taking the Program Files version for the scan, but showing the AppData one for the list on the left. I don't recall if I installed the previous version via PMPC, although I typically do. I've solved the problem on my end and thus the scan is fixed, but you might check why PMPC would get contradictory results.