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You recently updated the catalogue with Zscaler Client Connector v4.0.0.80, which might an oversight in the detection script.

When deploying the new version of Zscaler to clients that already have a previous version (in this case v3.9.0.183), the old version gets uninstalled before the new version is installed, which would cause an outage for users during this process.

We are updating Zscaler through their own tools and not Intune, but we rely on intune to get the app installed once per computer.

After checking and comparing the detection scripts, I found out that the AppID_GUID has changed with the 4.0.0 version of Zscaler. (see attached picture).

Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't the detection script include both AppID_GUID to prevent this kind of stuff from happening? I would assume that most people that utilize Zscaler rely on getting updates directly through the application itself and not intune.Zscaler Compare.png

Can we get a catalogue update for Zscaler?

The current version we get from your catalogue is v3.9.0.183. and the latest update from Zscaler is version 4.1 which was published over a month ago.