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Tor Browser

Started by FaBog, November 22, 2018, 07:49:20 AM

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I have Tor Browser installed on my PC.
Now I have installed PMPC.
PMPC works fine, but is not able neither to detect Tor Browser nor to perform an installation from scratch (in this case PMPC stucks)
Is there any established path for installation of Tor browser ?

Any answer would be appreciated

Omar (Patch My PC)

Tor is a portable browser that won't be installed by PMPC like any other portable app, you have to download it from PMPC and run it yourself.
You have to to download it from PMPC in order to register it so it can tell you later if there is a new update for it.


Thank you so much!

Installing on C:\Users\****\Desktop\PortableApps

made PMPC aware of the installation.

Many thanks

Omar (Patch My PC)

Exactly, and you can change the portable apps folder location too :)
You are welcome.


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Thanks! I have the same problem